Be Kind.

Hello lovely people.

I apologise for my lack of blogging recently. I would love to give you a particular reason as to why I haven’t been blogging, but there isn’t one. For once I haven’t really had all that much to talk about.

January is an odd month. The excitement of Christmas is over, and your broke as hell trying to make it to payday, putting your last pennies into your car (can you tell I’m still getting this whole budgeting thing down?). It doesn’t help that I started my January off with my standard 6 week visit to my specialist to be told a. I’d have to be on the steroids a little while longer, and b. my weight had gone from 69.5kg to 73kg. Granted it had just been Christmas, but still not what I wanted to hear. He was encouraging and telling me how well I was doing though, and we spoke about yoga and how good it is for you, so as long as Doc is happy, I’ll try to be happy.

Back to yoga, I can’t preach enough how beneficial taking yoga classes has been not only for my general health and fitness, but also mental health. I don’t think I’ll ever understand people that hate exercising. Yeah I get sometimes you’re not in the mood, I really had to drag my arse to yoga this week and fight against my fatigue that had been plaguing me throughout the day, but once I got there I felt instantly better. The theme of this weeks class was kindness, being kind to yourself, being kind to others, acts of kindness and how it is infectious. My yoga teacher didn’t hold back this week after having two weeks away, and we were full swing into some great stretches and holds. I struggled with some of them, and instantly wanted to kick myself for being so out of shape and unfit, until I remembered our theme – Be Kind. It was like having the devil and angel on my shoulder, whilst the devil was kicking my ass for letting myself get into this state, my angel gave me a little reminder – you are still recovering. You are still on medication that has weakened your bones and muscles and also makes you carry a little extra weight than normal. You have had to take time out to rest. Stop beating yourself up, you’re doing great! Hell yeah, I am. So instead of really pushing myself past my limits, I was kind to myself and took it to just past comfortable, so I was still making myself work without over doing it.

An act of kindness doesn’t take much, whether it be to yourself or others. Compliment someone’s outfit choice, send someone a thank you message for something they may have done to help you out, make someone a cup of tea, make yourself a cup of tea! Ask someone how they are, I mean how they really are. You may just make someones day.

A way of being kind to yourself, illness or not, is self care. Book yourself in for a hair appointment, go get your nails done, or even ask a girlfriend to come round for a glass of vino and you can paint each others. Treat yoself, buy those shoes! Don’t chastise yourself for having a chocolate bar if you’ve been on a health kick. Wear lipstick. Take an evening out to have a nice, long bubble bath. These things may seem stupid to some people, or you may struggle for time, but trust me, if you make the time to be kind to yourself and others, your days will seem a lot brighter.

I hope February is kind to you, and if it isn’t, then be kind to yourself (and others)!

Peace & Love,

M x


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