Who Are You? Why Are You Here? What Is Your Purpose?


Welcome to my fresh blog!

I haven’t written a blog since I was doing my A Level Media (and even then I didn’t do the best of jobs) so please bear with me whilst I get to grips with this thing.

Who Are You?

First things first, introductions! My name is Maddison. I’m a 23 year old redhead hybrid of West Indies sass & Caucasian persuasion. I still live at home in the United Kingdom with my family and beautiful puppy, Mac the Boxer. I work full time and help my mother run a successful Freestyle Dance School, Platinum Dance Academy. I also pole dance, and currently trying to start my own business of dance practise wear. I basically live a hectic life.

Why Are You Here?

So these blog posts are specifically going to be about my journey with my Autoimmune Disease. This summer, I was diagnosed with an illness called “Autoimmune Hepatitis” – AIH for short, and before you ask any questions, no I haven’t been up to anything funky. Let me tell you now, it has completely turned my life on it’s head. I went from your average 23 year old party girl, to having to completely change everything, what I eat, what I drink, exercise, medication, my job, the works.

I warn you, although I try to have a positive outlook on life, not all these posts will be rainbows and sunshine. Some of them will just be rain, and thunder, and possibly even lightening. But for the most part, I’ll try to make them a bit light of heart.

What Is Your Purpose?

a. To help raise awareness for autoimmune illnesses. 

Until I was diagnosed, I didn’t have the foggiest about the world of autoimmune illnesses. Call it ignorance, call it whatever you like! But it may just be one of those things that until it happens to you, you won’t usually hear about these things. I was definitely one of those people. The most bizarre thing was that once I had been diagnosed, all of a sudden all these people around me started popping up with their own ailments – Rheumatoid Arthritis, Under and Over Active Thyroid, Celiac, Lupus, Hypersensitivity Vasculitis, it was everywhere! Even though it was horrible to think how many people battle silently just to get through their days, it was also reassuring for me to know – I am not alone.

b. This will also be like therapy for me. 

Sometimes it’s hard to get the right words out, or you feel bad for constantly bringing up your ill state of health and feel like you’re pestering people, so this is going to help me unload some weight that I have been carrying on my shoulders, and you may just get a laugh out of it, too!

c. For anyone out there who is feeling alone or in the unknown.

There may be someone out there in the big, wide, open world who is struggling with their own ailments and doesn’t know who to talk to or where to go or has some similar feelings. This is for you guys. It can be a lonely and tough road at times, but hopefully, you may learn something from some of my mistakes.
So that’s it! If you do take the time to read my blog, I’ll be forever grateful. But I also won’t blame you for passing over the blog if it just sounds like pure misery also (ha ha!).
Peace and Love!

M x

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